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---- Is Your Pig Pregnant? Know It Quickly...
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PigPreg test kit use in the pig industry to help the farm owner/ hogs farming to increase their reproductive managemant and profitability. The PigPreg is friendly and easy to use with fast to get result.

Why choose 'PigPreg' ?
-- It's a 'Non-invasive Urine Based' Pig pregnancy diagnostic test kit. Only request few drops of fresh urine sample
-- Easy testing, Embryo Safe, and Quickly to get result
-- No extra device/equipment required
-- No blood sample required
-- No Lab Testing required
-- No harm to pigs
-- You can perform the test in farm by yourself within 15 minutes to result
-- You can know your pig pregnant or not as early as 26th post insemination day

Pig pregnancy diagnosis has never been so easy.

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